Grazer Spielstätten Vision

Three venues - which significantly raise the cultural profile of Styria's capital - and which form an irreplaceable part of the cultural life of Graz: Orpheum Graz, Dom im Berg and Kasemattenbühne on the top of Graz's Schlossberg. All three properties are owned by the Stadt Graz (City Graz) and have been managed by Grazer Spielstätten GmbH since 1. September 2008.
Orpheum, Dom im Berg und Schloßbergbühne Kasematten are three striking symbols of Graz‘s cultural life and its demanding event scene. Primarily, we aim at defining an individual artistic profile in coordination with local and international partners.

Dom im Berg
The youngest child of this vibrant arts and culture scene is the Dom im Berg - completely unique and probably the most exciting indoor venue in Graz. The plan of carving a vast, multifunctional room out of a hill within the Styrian capital was realised in 1999 and opened, on the occasion of a national exhibition, in 2000. With a height of eleven meters and a total area of 688 square meters, the 'dome-like' grot has become home to various events ranging from concerts of all genres (the rock walls and ceiling are sprayed with shotcrete, guaranteeing excellent acoustics and giving the room a unique character), congresses, theatre plays to clubbing events and sophisticated business presentations.

Schloßbergbühne Kasematten
Just below the highest point of the Styrian capital, on the Schloßberg plateau, is the most popular open-air venue of Graz - the Kasematten-Bühne. Into the ruins of a former fortification, a stage along with a spacious auditorium was built as early as the 1930s of the last century. The auditorium is characteristic for Graz and boasts a unique romantic atmosphere, ideal for open-air events and festivals of all kinds during the warm season. The atmospheric setting is particularly popular for pop/rock concerts, but classical music also finds its place here, such as the "Styriarte". The Opera of Graz has always offered performances ranging from Johann Strauss to Richard Strauss. The versatile Kasematten is also frequently booked for company presentations and festivals of all kinds. A sliding roof provides additional security in case of sudden weather changes.


The Orpheum, the third venue managed by Grazer Spielstätten GmbH (Ltd.), showcases a unique flair: A flair, which stems from the mixture of the sixties-style foyer and the current programs of the local cabaret- and international pop and rock scene, which tour across Austria and the international scene. Opened in 1899 as a variety theatre, the 'Orpheum' was used as a cinema, before it served as the Grazer 'Haus der Jugend'. Then as now, the Orpheum attracts the young and the young at heart who still hold a special place for the venue in their hearts.

Grazer Spielstätten GmbH (Ltd.)
The organisational connection of these three venues to the Grazer Spielstätten Gmbh (Ltd.) led to a noticeable relief for Graz. Now, the Land Steiermark has a 55 percent stake in the financial security of the Grazer Spielstätten Gmbh (Ltd.), as it also does in the Bühnen Graz. Furthermore, our shared resources can be used more efficiently and provide the best conditions for the rich entertainment programme of the Styrian capital.

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